Monday, October 17, 2011

2012 North Carolina Series Events Set

The 2012 North Carolina Series has been finalized and the details are set. Here are the basics:

- A champion will be crowned in Open, Pro Masters, Advanced and Intermediate.

- The top three finishers from each division will be paid. Cash for Open and Masters, Merchandise for Advanced and Intermediate. The amount paid is TBD as it is based on the number of entries from these divisions. Each event in the series will deduct one dollar from each player in these divisions. Other divisions will not have anything deducted from them.

- There will be 4 divisions - The East, The Triangle, The Central, and The West. There are 5 events per division. To be eligible for prizes, you must compete in at least one event in three of the four divisions.

- Your best 13 events count towards the series. If you play more than 13 events, your worst finishes will be deducted. If you play less than 13 events, you will receive the appropriate amount of 0's. All events, regardless of tier or size, count the same. The points scale is as follows:
1st - 50 points
2nd - 47
3rd - 45
4th - 43
5th - 40
6th - 37
7th - 35
8th - 33
9th - 30
10th - 27
11th - 25
12th - 23
13th - 20
14th - 17
15th - 15
16th - 13
17th - 10
18th - 8
19th - 7
20th - 5
21st or worse - 3
DNF - 0

- The events on the 2012 North Carolina Series are as follows

East Region:
Azalea Tournament (Wilmington)
New Bern New Year Ripper (New Bern)
Down East Player's Cup (Greenville)
Rocky Mount Bark Buster (Rocky Mount)
King's Cup (Kinston)

Triangle Region:
Buckhorn Open (New Hill)
Dogwood Crosstown Classic (Zebulon / Raleigh)
Midtown Chiropractic Raleigh Disc Golf Championship (Raleigh)
Bull City @ Forest Hills (Durham)
Tar Heel Tournament (Chapel Hill)

Central Division:
Oak Hollow Open (High Point)
Sneeky Pete Classic (Burlington)
Sanford Slinger's Crosstown (Sanford)
Lake's Edge Open (Reidsville)
Gate City Downtown Throwdown (Greensboro)

West Division:
Archdale Chamber of Commerce Open (Archdale)
Carolina Clash (Charlotte)
Spike Hyzer @ Statesville (Name TBD) (Statesville)
The Yadkin Open (Yadkinville)
Charlotte Am Championship (Am's) / Killborne Worlds Warm Up(Pros)

- The State Representative from North Carolina for the 2012 United States Disc Golf Championship will be selected based on this series. The Pro Open player with the most points after the Midtown Chiropractic Raleigh Disc Golf Championship (Last weekend in July) who is not already qualified will receive the North Carolina State Representative Spot.

- Any questions / comments, concerns, please post on the facebook page - search "North Carolina Disc Golf Series" and "like" the page.


  1. What will happen if a player has to change divisions according to the PDGA? For example; an Intermediate player's rating becomes too high and has to move up to Advanced?

    How will scenario work for the NC Points?


  2. The PDGA allows people to play within a division for points series events regardless of rating. So if someone starts the year in intermediate and their rating becomes 1000, they can still compete in intermediate in all NC points series events for the rest of the year.