Sunday, January 29, 2012

Results after New Bern - Gallops, Baldwin, Hodnett in Lead

The New Bern New Year Ripper II is complete and that means that we are already through 2 events on the series.

Brian Schweberger, a multiple time NC Series Champion, made his first appearance on the NC Series this year taking home the victory and the first of what will probably be many 50 point performances. However Terry Gallops takes the lead in the Open division by attending both events and besting Dan Lambeth, Jr., who also has attended both events, in both events.

In the masters division, Jeff Baldwin took the lead in the series with the win in New Bern. Along side a second place finish in Sanford, Baldwin is only 3 points shy of a perfect score after 2 events. However his lead is only 7 over Chris Lee who has back to back third place finishes.

In advanced, it's all about attendance thus far as Kurt Hodnett and Donnie Windsor are the only two players to play both events and thus, are in first and second. However Sanford winner Matt Kulp and New Bern winner Mike Coloton are not far behind.

In intermediate, not a single person played both events. With John "Don't Call me Phil" Mickelson's win, he puts himself at the top the intermediate division tying Sanford winner Ryan Kastle.

Remember, only the top 13 events of your season count. So while this NC Series is all about attendance for now (and will look that way for the first 75% of the season), consistent play and good attendance will trump perfect attendance and poor play.

Next up on the series is the Buckhorn Open, the first visit to the Triangle Division of the season.

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