Monday, April 9, 2012

NC USDGC State Rep. Qualification

The USDGC will be split into two categories this year and the performance edition, which is handicapped based scoring, is consisted mainly with picked state representatives.

The Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce Tournament, a PDGA A-Tier, has been selected as the qualification event for this prestigious spot at the USDGC. Here is the information in regards to the spot.

- Qualification is open to anyone who competes in the Archdale event and will be awarded in a handicapped system similar to how the Performance Edition of USDGC will be played.
- There is no additional fee to compete.
- Qualification is open only to NC Residents.
- The player chosen must accept the invitation at the Archdale event. If he or she is not willing / not able, the spot will be able passed down to the second place finisher and so on and so forth.
- The player chosen is responsible for any and all costs associated with entering the event.

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