Thursday, July 11, 2013

Points Updated!

Sorry for the delays - it has been a very crazy time!

Points are now updated and current.

In Open, Barry Schultz has a commanding lead. Terry Gallops is in second and Cam Todd is in the third. The race might be for 2nd, but 8 people are within 102 of Terry which is only three events!!

Masters has been dominated by Brian Schweberger. Chris Lee has a solid hold on 2nd while the race for third is between three Wilmington guys - Steve Narehood, Dave George and Scott Crouch. And look at Barry Schultz sitting in 6th. No one has ever cashed in two divisions - that would be an amazing accomplishment.

Jared Askew continues to lead advanced and Brian Adams isn't far behind. This race is truly anyone's race.

The closest battle is in the Intermediate field between Michael Spivey and Josh Rock. Spivey is just 14 points up.

The next events are in Charlotte (21 Hole Salute) and Raleigh (Midtown) in back to back weeks!

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