Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Many spots clinched after Reidsville

After Reidsville, the 19th event on the series, many spots were secured for payout / titles. The following spots are now clinched and will receive payout at the end of the year. Open: 1. Barry Schultz 2. Terry Gallops 3. Michael Johansen Masters: 1. Brian Schweberger Dave George has clinched no worse than third. Chris Lee, Brian McRee and Eric Vandenberg all have a shot at getting second or third. Advanced 1. Todd Gingerich Jared Askew and Brian Adams have clinched no worse than third, but Paul Windsor can still tie for third. Intermediate: Josh Rock and Michael Spivey are still battling for the win. Both are registered for the final event. They have both clinched no worse than second. Mitch Dickens and Ben Osburne are possible to finish third. The final event is in Durham. All champs will be crowned in the series finale!

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