Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three events left

With just three events left, anything can happen.

Then throw in two majors left, the last two events of the year, and we have tons of room for movement.

Terry Gallops' consistency this year has pushed him to the top by Brian Schweberger is on heels. Nate Sexton and Michael Johansen are also in striking distance.

While it's not over, Dave George appears to be the guy hoisting the masters trophy this year. With a commanding lead, George looks like he will coast to his first title.

The advanced division has lots of room for movement. Ross Trevor has lead all year but Nick Licare has been playing great in the last part of the year and is poised to win the title. Don't count out defending Champion Todd Gingerich as he in third.

Without a doubt the most amazing race is in intermediate. Matt McKone and Jason Henard are now tied. Yes, tied. Amazing! These two have both hit their event caps but with two majors left, certainly will erase some smaller performances.

Reidsville this weekend will close out the central division. Then we head to Rocky Mount for the East Major before finishing in Durham for the Triangle Major.

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