Monday, October 22, 2012

More Spots Clinched after DEP Cup

Following the Down East Players' Cup, multiple spots were clinched.

In Open, Terry Gallops has clinched the series title. Brian Schweberger's 4th place finish in Greenville clinches second place. The battle for third in Open is wide open, however. Michael Johansen currently is in third, but anyone within 50 points of him technically has a chance to catch him. That means Jeremy Koling, Cam Todd, and David Wiggins' Jr. are all in the race for 3rd.

In Masters, Jeff Baldwin clinched the series a few events ago. However Brian McRee clinches 2nd place after the event. Third place is down to Chris Lee and Eric Vandenberg. Currently Lee 43 point lead on Vandenberg.

The Advanced division was clinched a few events ago by Jon Mills. However past that, it's wide open as to what can happen.  Two of 16 players can finish either 2nd or 3rd heading to Durham!

The Intermediate division title will be in the hands of Jon Mickelson. Mike Norris has also clinched 2nd place after the event. Chris MacLeod is currently in third, but both David McClelland and Brian Waer still have a chance at third.

The series concludes in Durham at The Forest Hills Open the weekend before November. Approximately $1,400 in cash and prizes will be awarded! Come on out to a beautiful park and see where these races finish!

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