Monday, November 3, 2014

Two Events, Two Majors

With 18 events in the books and 2 majors left, it's anyone title to win.

That is unless you are in the masters division.

Based on the results from the past weekend, Dave George of Wilmington has clinched the masters trophy.

Terry Gallops strengthened his lead after a dominating win. Michael Johansen's runner up showing put him in second heading to Rocky Mount. Brian Schweberger is in third. All three are registered for Rocky Mount.

The advanced division has 15 people that still could win the title. Currently Ross Trevor leads over Nick Licare, who are both scheduled to play in Rocky Mount.

The Matt McKone Jason Hennard battle in intermediate. Despite finishing ahead of Hennard, McKone is now three points back based on the events that Hennard dropped. With 100 point events coming up, it could come down to a single putt or a single drive.

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