Monday, November 17, 2014

Winners In Durham Crowned

A cold weekend was warmed up by the excitement of a great venus, great course and the one day a year all three NC trophies are in the same place.

In Open, Terry Gallops was able to finish 4th to win his 4th NC Series. Gallops is now tied with Carlton Howard for second on the all time title list. They both trail Larry Leonard who has six. Brian Schweberger couldn't quite catch Gallops and finished 2nd. Nate Sexton won the last two events of the year to take third and overtook Michael Johansen by a single point.

Dave George won his first title in Masters. Coming in second was Eric Vandenberg and Brian McRee, both tying.

The Advanced division featured some verves as a charging Mitch Dickens almost snagged the title from Ross Trevor. Trevor's 15th place finish was good enough to win the series by 17 points over Dickens. 2013 champion Todd Gingerich won the event and was able to finish third.

The closest battle of the year was between Matt McKone and Jason Hennard. Just 9 points apart heading to Durham, it came down to a single event. McKone struggled in round 1 and couldn't catch Hennard who clinched the title. Reid Stansel snuck into third.

As we close out the 2014 year and award the trophies for the 37th time, it's important that I thank everyone who helped me this year. First off, I thank all the TD's who ran events on the NC Series. They do not have to be involved and it certainly adds a bit of work to an already thankless job. I also have to thank tour Sponsor Spike Hyzer. Spike Hyzer was able to add cash into the payout. And finally, I have to thank Bobby Henn. Bobby did all the points for the series this year.

I have also updated the historical list of winners. This is available on the right. This is our state's history and is amazing to think about this all!

As always, it's important to showcase the payout so players can see how the money is collected. Here is that information.

1. Terry Gallops - $300
2. Brian Schweberger - $180
3. Nate Sexton - $100

1. Dave George - $200
T2. Eric Vandenberg - $112
T2. Brian McRee - $112

1. Ross Trevor: $175
2. Mitch Dickens: $100
3. Todd Gingerich: $60

1. Jason Hennard: $175
2. Matt McKone: $80
3. Reid Stansell: $40

Total Collected $1,512
Total Paid out: $1,649

Can't wait for 2015!

Robert Leonard
North Carolina State Coordinator

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